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Reproduction stone slates.

Welcome to Proslate and cast products .


We all understand how the presentation of a property, either business or residential, can improve the first impression someone can make, almost immeasurably, upon a first visit to a premises.


This first impression can last a life time , increase repeat visits or just generally raise the profile of your organisation, or your home  among those visiting your premises , whether they are friends, guests or colleagues.


The slates and ridges that we manufacture have all the character, texture and the feel of real stone which we at Proslate have developed and manufactured using real stone slates masters and our huge knowledge and experience of mix designs tooling and the roofing industry.


We at Proslate reproduction stone slates have done this in order to deliver to you a roofing

product that will both impress and last.


Proslate reproduction stone slates was founded six years ago by John Lockwood, who has

garnered close to 20 years in the concrete industry. These two decades have resulted in an

unparalleled knowledge, resulting in roofing products that are both more beautifully natural,

and also price competitive, than any other comparable products on the market.  


At Proslate, reproduction stone slates we pride ourselves on being a family built and run

business with great customer service, all of our team are happy to help and never fail to go

the extra mile for our customers  and as one of the country's  premiere  manufacturers of

bespoke reproduction stone  roofing slates and ridges we have many happy returning

customers for our slates  aswell as all our extras that we also manufacture such as our very

popular paving flags in all colours and garden ornaments .  


All Proslate's reproduction stone slates slate-work, ridges, paving and ornaments are manufactured here in Yorkshire, UK, to the highest possible standard, and can be installed anywhere in the country. Unlike some others on the market, Proslate products are tested according to BS EN 491; 2004, and so we can guarantee that our products will not turn to dust, or wear to nothing, within three years, whatever the external conditions.


At Proslate, reproduction stone slates we have a  team who will help you decide on the right slates and ridges for your building and area and will work out your batten schedule for you   so that you have as much pride in the roofing  as those looking at the work will do when first entering your premises.


Aside from a standard residence or office building, Proslate artificial stone slates roofing products are particularly ideal for -


New build properties.

Listed buildings

Barn conversions.

Property extensions.

Specifically aged properties.

Self / personally designed properties.


Proslate, artificial stone slates offer a range of standard, exquisitely designed and stunningly

manufactured individual roof-work.  Listed below, is our range that we offer.




URBAN – representing a more natural and weathered look.


RURAL – with a buff colour scheme, containing darker textures and colours, within it.


TURNED – designed to show as being turned like a natural stone slate.




URBAN – Representing a more natural and weathered stone look.


RURAL – containing a more buff colour scheme, with darker textures and colours.


INDIAN STONE – a beautiful speckled grey / buff colour.


Not only that, but our Proslate artificial stone slates team will advise you on both the best

way to present your artificial stone slates, as well as the other optional extras, that might

further enhance the design and presentation of your roofing and finishing.

While what is described, is a small sample of the bespoke roofing that we offer, Proslate

artificial stone slates understand that everyone's properties and grounds are all completely

different, and require that personal design touch – something that Proslate specialise in.


All the above listed slate-work is Proslate stone effect roofing slates profile, for our reproduction roofing slate, ridges and paving.


Proslate stone effect roofing slates will not only design and manufacture your reproduction roofing slate, we will work with you , consulting you on the materials that you need to best present your slate-work, to advise on the size, the durability and the style .


Proslate stone effect roofing slates are ideally placed in the UK, being situated near central Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, and therefore directly accessible to all parts of the the country, straight from our central hub.


In addition to our market leading, industry standard product, we at Proslate stone effect

roofing slates pride ourselves on a prestigious customer service team. All our contacts will

be happy to provide you with as much information you need, in order to furnish you with a

no obligation quote!


Not only that, but all Proslate stone effect roofing slates products are guaranteed waterproof

for a period of 15 years from that date of delivery, (for mitigating circumstances see bottom

of the page).  


First impressions count more than anything in our modern fast-paced world – and, like our

Proslate roofing and our finishing, we only get one chance to make one, so why wait?


Call John on 07946 021666 to discuss how our superior product can enhance your roofing


This first impression can last a life time.