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Since 1998, John has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in the concrete

product industry. He was with his last company for over ten years, where he had a

pivotal role in running operations, before deciding to branch out with his own

innovative approach to manufacturing reproduction slates.


His vast knowledge of mix designs, tooling and working with all industry sectors has

made a reproduction slate that is more natural in appearance than most of the

others on the market and at a more competitive price per square meter.


All slates have been tested in accordance with BS EN 491; 2004, so unlike other

slates on the market they won't turn into dust on the roof after 3 years.





We have come across many situations, like the one pictured above, where glass

reinforced cement slates have deteriorated after just a few years. It seems that the

glass fibres in the mix dissolve, simply leaving sand and cement. Once this

remaning composition is subjected to frost , the slates deteriorate quickly and the

face can be completely removed, exposing the inner tile.


THE PROFESSIONAL CHOICE. Our slates are designed to give the diminished look,

just like a natural stone roof but at half the cost. They are all individually handmade

to achieve this effect and the moulds are taken from original stone slates. Where

they need to be matched to original stone the slates are ideal for:


new builds

barn conversions

listed buildings



We undertake site visits to measure up roofs or we can work off plans. Once an order has been placed we can supply a batten layout and the quantity of slates to match the layout. All slates have their sizes on them so laying them couldn’t be easier.

About Us

The company was established in 2010 by John Lockwood

glass fibre slates