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Technical Information


The slates have all the character or real stone which we have developed using our vast experience of mix designs and tooling, as well as working with builders, roofers and architects to produce a quality product with a natural appearance, that will last.


All Proslate products:


Are coloured through with iron oxide pigments to BS1014

Contain admixtures meeting requirements of BS EN 934-2

Manufactured on site in the UK



All Proslate slates have passed:


The transverse strength test BS EN 491:2004

The impermeability analysis for before and after freeze thaw to EN 491:2004

Test of determination of cover width, hanging length, nib support and flatness and mass to BS EN 491:1994

Slate tests conducted by CERAM



As with any concrete products that use Portland cements there is a chance of efflorescence. At Proslate and Cast Products we aim to reduce this problem with the use of concrete additives.



The colours of the slates and products on this leaflet are limited to the photographic process and are guidance only. During the period the slates are fixed the colour may change, this is due to weather conditions.


Any deterioration in this respect does not affect the mechanical and physical properties of their durability. This guarantee does not cover exceptional ageing of the colour due to exposure to an abnormally aggressive atmosphere.


Our Guarantee

Proslate and Cast Products slates are guaranteed to be waterproof for a period of 15 years from date of delivery. This guarantee does not cover any damage caused by exceptional circumstances such as storm, hail, flooding, falling objects, unnecessary foot traffic, chemical or biological attack or incorrect fixing e.g. not following any batten layouts that have been provided.


"The slates have all the character of real stone which we have developed using our vast experience of mix designs and tooling"